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My 4 Fantastic Tips On Where To Find High Class Tools For Your Presentations

“The most important tool you need in order to deliver a high class presentation is your heart.”

This is the Internet, Baby. Meaning that it’s very difficult to put something online that isn’t already there. This is also very true for useful presentation tools of any kind: You will find a thousand book reviews, app reviews and website reviews online concerning the Art of Presenting. Being a highly paid and extremely lazy presentation expert, I will therefore limit myself to reccomend you the people I know personally.

Garr Reynolds

Garr Reynolds has two websites that will be very useful on your way to become a master in the Art of Presenting: and Garr is a true website gardener and his two sites offer great booklets, book tips, very useful links and nice videos, a fact that has earned him the honour to be considered one of the most influential persons on the Internet today. He is also a great photographer and great keynote speaker, but most importantly, the author of the “bible” of our profession, the worldwide bestseller “Presentation Zen”. Garr is a great guy and he has changed our world probably more profoundly than most politicians and CEOs.

Enlight37 Photograph courtesy of myself.


Garr and me having fun in Paris in 2015. Photograph courtesy of Phil Waknell.


Guy Kawasaki

If somebody would tell me today that Guy Kawasaki was born on stage, I would believe him. Guy is a stage animal, and there are only a few things that he enjoys more than pitching: surfing, flying first class or business class and talking about politics (as far as I know). What makes Guy such an amazing person and such a requested keynote speaker is his humor. I can’t remember having him seen on stage without a smile once, ever. Big business (i.e. Mercedes Benz) loves him, and he loves them back, though, somewhat ironically, he has become famous for his books about the Art of creating great start up firms (“The Art Of The Start”). His Facebook live feeds are always funny but also instructive, and over the years he has become a kind of virtual brother to me. Having learned his presentation skills under Steve Jobs at Apple (just like Garr Reynolds), today he is an evangelist for the presentation app “Canva” that Steve probably would have liked.

Enlight35 Photograph courtesy of myself.


The presentation app “Canva”. Photograph courtesy of myself.


Nancy Childs Duarte

In a field dominated by men, Nancy is not only a great and yet authentic keynote speaker but also a woman with an exceptionally strong personality that captivates the audience whenever she goes on stage. Leading “Duarte”, a successful communication firm situated near Silicon Valley in Sunnyvale, Cal., she is not only a bestselling author (“Resonate”) but also a requested Fortune 500 business consultant. Have a look at her website.

Enlight36 Photograph courtesy of myself.


Ideas On Stage, Paris

Paris is not only one of the most beautiful cities in the world but also the hometown of Ideas On Stage, a fantastic team of european presentation experts from different countries that has conquered the trust of an impressive list of clients, from the Microsoft Acellerator through L’Oréal to the World Bank Group. Have a look at their website and work, it’s worthwhile.

Enlight33 Photograph courtesy of myself.


The great team of Ideas On Stage, Paris: Michael Rickwood, Joe Ross, Marion Chapsal, Pierre Morsa, Phil Waknell, Vanessa Querville and Ricardo Bonis. Photograph courtesy of Phil Waknell.

*The quote at the beginning of this page is obviously not from Buddha but my guess is that he would agree 😉