Roberto Lalli delle Malebranche, Master in Communications, Ph.D in Economics and International Politics, consultant, keynote speaker and associate Professor.


There are many experts for presentation on this planet. Some of them, like Garr Reynolds and Phil Waknell are my friends. They all have their different approaches and their different “WHY?”, and I think that a lot of them do a pretty good job. My “Why?” was and still is, since I started my small firm Lalli | Executive Coaching in August 2000, the idea that a good presentation is ultimately the expression of a value based, conscious and artful life. A life that does express the deeply rooted wish to achieve a better future for all of us by working together for more justice, a greener world and more love and beauty in our daily lives.

That is why I want to help you to achieve the true mastery of the Art of Presentation by exploring not only the technical aspects of presentation but by offering you a broad range of insights, ideas and advice that will help you to find a way of expressing yourself creatively to the benefit of yourself and everybody else.

I believe that this way I will help you to become more conscious, successful and powerful in what you do and at the the same time a more loving, caring and positive acting person.

Thus you and me will make this world a more just, more green and more beautiful place to live in.

About This Website

This website was made by me for you, and it is for free. I believe that every human being on this planet, no matter his or her age, culture or social status, should have the possibility to become a better presenter and a better person.

Therefore I provide this service for free and, moreover, you will find here booklets translated in the many different languages our world speaks today. Though it’s been a costly decision to take, I am glad that I took it, because thus I can be sure that almost every man and woman around the world will have the chance to master the Art of Presentation in accordance with her or his language and culture. I love the english language, but I also cherish the thousand colors of the beautiful cultures on this planet and their amazing languages.

Thank You My Friends

This website would not exist without the precious contributions to the Art of Presentation by people like Garr Reynolds, Guy Kawasaki, Phil Waknell, Nancy Childs Duarte, Dan Roam, Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner, Jonah Sachs, Carmine Gallo, Robert Mc Kee, Joseph Campbell, Steve jobs and many many others.

Therefore I will advertise these enlightened people and their work on this website, as well as the great photographers that donated their art to, once and again and for free, because I believe that being generous as well as thankful is one of the basic principles that lead to wisdom and happiness for all humankind.

One Last Thing: Surf, Baby

Whenever you are unhappy with your life, whenever you doubt that your hopes will come true because the time ahead won’t be enough to fulfill your deepest wishes, whenever you morn about the love lost, the opportunities missed, the big things and the small things that went wrong, take a walk by the sea and wait for the wind to come.

There is much that we can learn from the ocean in order to live a better and deeper life. The first thing is very simple but nonetheless of crucial importance:

There will always be waves.

You can’t stop the waves from coming. You might try to duck them or to surf along with them, but you shouldn’t wish them to stop. Hardship is part of our lives: Anger and joy, boredom as well as enthusiasm, hate and love, illness as well as apparently limitless energy, all this is part of our life. Emotions come and go, people get near to us and leave again, things begin and end and sometimes go wrong, and you can’t change that. All you can do is to learn to decide which emotions and situations you want to surf on and which you just want to endure until they get by. And they will. Do not curtail your life by avoiding difficult experiences, your life will not become carefree that way, on the contrary, you will lose all your energy and joy.
The second lesson the ocean is teaching us is:

There is no “right way” to surf the waves.

Or as Andy Irons puts it: “There are a million ways to surf, and as long as you’re smiling, you’re doing it right”. Do not try to be someone else, just try to be yourself and keep on learning. Learn every day and become the best possible you, but embrace yourself, hug yourself, accept yourself while learning how to improve. You were created in order to be as unique and mysterious as your fingerprint, as your smile, as your way to see the world and to act in it. You have to become conscious and whole, yes, and you should never hurt people in the process, yes, but for the rest it’s up to you. Sing your own way, talk your own way, dance your own way, present your own way. Once you have become yourself, real communion with others becomes possible.

The third thing we can learn from the ocean is:

There are all kinds of waves and you should not be looking only for the big ones.

Sure, there are some people achieving amazing things at the age of thirty, flying their own Learjet, winning titles or building up global NGOs that bring real help to the people. But you know what, you do not have to surf the biggest waves in order to be lovable, to enjoy life and yourself and to find love and happiness. It’s not about the size of the waves, it’s about the courage to follow the blue green dolphins that are swirling within your soul, to start your beautiful, mysterious, star spangled journey and to find YOUR way. Nobody gets everything he or she hoped for, nobody. But that doesn’t matter. What matters is that you take the waves in style, small ones as well as big ones, with your eyes on the stars and without ever giving up.

Oh, and one more thing:

You do not need to understand every single wave in order to understand the ocean.

The ocean wants you to think AND feel, to listen AND act, to move AND stand still. We always wait for the waves, nobody waits for the space in between them, but it’s not about the waves, not really, I think. There is something behind the waves and the wind that moves them, something behind the horizons, something behind everything. It’s beyond reason and understanding and yet … yet it’s there, in me, in you, in every living being and in every thing.

We all want to change and achieve so many things, while we are getting old and run out of time, and we all long for love, most of all we long for love. And it has to be like that. The soul of the Universe is pushing us forward between the coloured, beautiful waves of our lives, making us tumble, fall, and sometimes almost drown.

Still, take every wave as it comes. Never give up. There is love ahead waiting for you – and love never fails.