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The black and white photograph shows a rollercoaster beginning on the upper left, the tracks following an "eight" in the middle and leaving the picture on the upper right. Above a beautiful clear sky with very small, wind driven clouds.

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Photo by great photographer Mark Asthoff, www.unsplash.com or visit his website www.qa9.de.   Long Introduction To The Art Of Presenting “What is better than a short and brilliant…

The black and white photograph shows the right part of the engine block of a car from above. We see in a vivid contrast of bright aluminium and black crown wheels and flexible tubes of the same color an assemblage of wheels, transmission belts and brand new srews. Evwrything looks clean and in good shape.

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Photo by great photographer Chad Kirchoff, www.unsplash.com, or on www.flickr.com/photos/89452564@N08/albums.   My Fantastic Tips For A High Class Structure For Your Presentation “Don’t ask yourself what the audience…