“The biggest element a story has, then, is conflict. Conflict is dramatic. At its core, every story is about a conflict between our expectations and cold reality.”

Garr Reynolds, Author of Presentation Zen


If you want to SELL an idea, product or service, this Garr Reynolds inspired Presentation Structure (9 slides) will do great things for you. Like a movie script it alternates positive and negative feelings, emotionally thrills your audience and closes with an happy end.
If you want to welcome your audience do it between step 2 and step 3 (after slide 4). You can inflate every step with more slides, but try to avoid it. Remember: Presenting is an art and art is all about quality, not quantity.


Ideal (positive feeling)
Reality (negative feeling)
Reasons for Discrepancy (negative feeling)
Solution (positive feeling)
Next Steps (positive feeling)


Download the Keynote 16:9 Template
Download the Keynote 4:3 Template

Download the PowerPoint 16:9 Template
Download the PowerPoint 4:3 Template

Download the Pdf 16:9 Template
Download the PDF 4:3 Template



Garr Reynolds, Ideas On Stage Paris 2015, Photo Courtesy of Phil Waknell